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Acrylic what clean?


After prolonged use of acrylic products, if you usually do not scrub, the surface will drop dust or grease, no longer had to make acrylic products gloss, transparency, want to make a new look acrylic products, acrylic products need to be cleaned.

Unlike acrylic plastic, glass, conventional cleaning methods not only can not play a role in cleaning, and may cause damage to the acrylic products, acrylic products what so clean?

For acrylic products adhering dust can be with a soft cotton cloth, flannel, sponge dipped in clean water and gently wipe. If it is difficult to clean the oil, it would need to use acrylic cleaner, wet cloth after use detergent scrub.

These are clean acrylic products, need to remind you is this: best not to dry rub acrylic products, so as not to scratch the acrylic products.

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