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1. Acrylic display processing required precautions


Say success depends on details, acrylic display finishing, too, affect the quality of Acrylic Display Inaddition to the qualityof raw materials, acrylic display the details of the production process, it alsodetermines the qualityor defective. So Acrylic display finishing precautions need it?

Sleek acrylic display stand mostly spliced with glue, if the details of the deal will have a good following.

  •  excess glue: If you inject too much glue, excess glue will overflow, flows to the surface of acrylic products, will leaveindelible traces of glue is dry.

  •  the bubble: Some may say that since the glue will be playing more excess glue, then do not play less on the line? Nor, of course, playing no less glue bonding surfaceinto the air will form a bubble mat, particularly a colorless transparent acrylic display stand, it seems even more obvious.

  •  displacement: Stitching bad it is prone to shift, so the appearance of acrylic display is difficult to see, on the stability of the structure is also affected.

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