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Let the cosmetics display stand be consistent with the style of the store is a point that cannot be


Cosmetics is one of the industries that most need display stands, and most cosmetic display stands are designed by the design company. However, many people often forget a point that cannot be ignored when designing requirements in the early stage - the atmosphere of a cosmetics store, or the style of the store. The design of the display frame naturally depends on the product characteristics (whether it is appearance or functional characteristics), but how many people will tell the designer that the cosmetics display stand should conform to the overall style of the store?

As the saying goes, the details determine success or failure. The style and material of a cosmetic display stand are closely related to the overall style of the store. Some cosmetics stores are accustomed to use black as the main color to create a mystery, in order to reflect the magical magic of cosmetics to make you beautiful, black acrylic display rack can meet the needs of the store; some stores prefer Green, linen, etc. give people a healthy, original ecological hint color. At this time, the cosmetics display rack also needs to echo the main color of the shop, that is, the use of wooden, metal and other raw materials display rack also needs special attention to the design, sleek, simple atmosphere design Very suitable.

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So, you have mastered what can't be ignored in the design of cosmetics display stand. The style of the store has been designed long ago, and the ever-changing product display frame only needs to be integrated into this style.

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