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What to pay attention to when attaching acrylic products

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Acrylic products are popular with people in a variety of colors, shapes and other characteristics, such as acrylic display stand, acrylic crafts, acrylic billboards and other useful to glue the process, glue is also a technical activity, need to operate Personnel are patient and skillful; if the glue is played well, it will directly affect the appearance of the product, and it will be less sticky. If it is too much, it will overflow the glue. If the pressure is not strong, bubbles will appear. A qualified acrylic product is not allowed to appear. These questions.

The following (MAETOH) Acrylic products will give you an explanation of what to pay attention to when attaching acrylic products.

1. When the Acrylic products is pasted, the surface should not have dirt or dust. Otherwise, bubbles will appear after pasting. Wipe clean with a dust-free cloth before bonding.

2. Acrylic products after pasting cannot be blown with a wind tube, and should be allowed to dry naturally.8676503695_1759752394.jpg

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