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What is the processing technology of acrylic?

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Many of the products on the market today are made of acrylic materials. Acrylic jewelry parts, acrylic drills, acrylic beads and other products produced by such materials are good in many aspects, different acrylic products. The process used in production is different. The following is an introduction to the processing technology of acrylic plexiglass.

First, injection molding

This process mainly uses pelletized pellets, which are formed on a common injection molding machine. Injection molded products need to be processed in a 70-80 ° C hot air circulating drying oven. The processing time is determined according to the thickness of the acrylic product, usually about four hours.

Second, casting molding

The profile is formed by bulk polymerization, and is generally used for profiles such as plexiglass sheets and bars. The cast product requires a post-treatment procedure at 60 ° C for two hours and at 120 ° C for two hours.

Third, thermoforming

The size of the blank is tightened on the mold, heated to soften it, and then it is pressed against the mold surface by vacuum drawing or directly pressing the punch with the profile to obtain the same shape as the profile. The shape, and finally the finished product after cooling and setting.淘宝水印.png

Fourth, extrusion molding

A profile made from pelletized pellets produced by suspension polymerization. Such profiles tend to be less heat resistant and less resistant to casting profiles. However, due to the high production efficiency, especially for pipes and other casting molds, it is difficult to manufacture profiles. Therefore, it is also the processing technology used by many technicians.

Five, carving and cutting

This process is mainly for hollowing and engraving of the formed acrylic material. The laser engraving and cutting machine is mainly used to carry out this process.

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