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Acryl-Display-Ständer hält hell und hell

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Acrylic display racks are easy to present several problems and preventive measures, and I hope to help a wide range of consumers:LED-sign-display-stands (1).jpg

One: the rag must be cleansed

When cleaning the acrylic display rack, it is necessary to first determine whether the rag used can be clean. After cleaning or wiping off the dust, it is necessary to turn over or replace it with a clean rag. Don't be lazy and repeatedly use the once dirty side, so that only the dirt will be repeated in the trade furniture, but it will damage the bright surface of the acrylic display rack.

Two: must choose the right care agent

In order to maintain the original brightness of the acrylic display rack, there are currently two display rack protection products, such as display care spray wax and clean protectant. The former is mainly for the display racks of various wood, polyester, paint, fireproof rubber sheets, etc., and has a refreshing scent of jasmine and lemon. The latter is used in all kinds of wood, glass, wood or melamine board solid wood display racks, special combination of mixed materials display stand.

The first priority is to clean and protect. As a display of long-term exposure in the air, the appearance of the acrylic display rack will often drop some dust or other impurities, and it is necessary to adhere to its sleek surface and clean it on schedule.

It is not necessary to choose a peaceful cleanser. In the clean protection, the functional cleansing agent can be selected to wipe the display frame, and the use of a more alkaline cleansing agent is specially prevented to prevent the cleansing agent from forming damage to the appearance of the display frame, so that the display stand is sleek and bright.

The wax can be moderately waxed. When the appearance of the acrylic display frame is dimly lit due to long-term use, it can be wiped like a car with a soft cloth, and the local liquid polishing wax can be wiped on the outer surface to clean the appearance of the display frame, and the display frame can be restored. The luster of the past is as bright as ever.

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