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Product customization process
(MAETOH) has exhibited 13 years of display rack customization experience, accept customized display/display cabinets for various products. Whether you are doing brand promotion or product display, we will develop a brand image and product display for you. s solution. (★You can see the process catalog more intuitively by dragging it down) ● 1. Let us know your display rack customization requirements. We will charge you for design after charging a certain design fee; or provide us with your drawings. We have quote engineers who have more than 8 years of industry experience to provide you with detailed quotation. ● 2. When you confirm the appearance design of the display stand, we will arrange for 2-3 designers with more than 8 years of experience in the industry (with Australian designers involved) to do the detailed structural design for you. ● 3. Completion of structural design We will arrange the production of production display rack samples, and led by the business department, the design department, engineering department, QC quality inspection department and production department cooperate with multiple samples to determine the sample quality inspection standards and review the samples Shipped. ● 4. We will provide you with detailed bulk price quotation according to the sample standards and the quantity, delivery time, logistics and transportation information and other requirements of the display rack you provided, and inform you to confirm the order. ● 5. After your order is placed, we will re-confirm the first shipment of the rack and we will conduct large-scale production and inspection according to the quality inspection standards of this sample and your requirements. During this period, you can go to the factory at any time. Visit and acceptance. ● 6. We will collect inspections and collections in large-scale production and give you 100% quality assurance. After confirming the completion of the bulk package, we will arrange delivery to inform you of acceptance. PS: In the meantime, you can visit our factory at any time to visit the small talk. Your arrival will be a great show of grace (MAETOH). Don't forget to check out some of the classic display frames that we have done in 13 years.
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